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Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010

The last post for me was in September? Goodness! Time is a jet plane! (B. Dylan)

We are going to Disneyland tomorrow! For a Monday thru Thursday trip. It's going to I hope. I am not really ready to go on rides so I snagged my 20 year old niece to meet us there. I don't mind watching the rides.

Musicwise- I am teaching quite a few students now, kids and adults. That's pretty good. Fun and pretty steady. It's not so easy to keep all of their schedules down, but I enjoy managing the Alameda Cello Academy. Yeah- I named it finally!

Let's see---I have a new group that's called the InStep String Quartet. It's a killer group and we have our first gig at the end of January. We play California Alternative music---that means some of everything. And this group can really attack all kinds of compositions. We're best when there is only a chord chart in front of us. WE come to life thru improvisation.

As far as keeping Isabelle, who is now almost 8, motivated to practice her cello, it's been difficult lately. But, we have a new thing. She now plays violin too. On our next concert, which is going to be February 21st at 3pm in Berkeley (see for more info), she is going to debut her violin playing. And I think I am going to accompany her on violin too. I just got my first violin recently, and it's real pretty, so I think this is a good time to do something different and have some fun.

The Ramana Vieira Ensemble is still kicking the Portugese Fado music too. We have a nice gig at the Freight and Salvage on April 3rd in the evening in Berkeley. I love that music.

I am also putting together music for a new CD, to be recorded this summer. The last one, Butterfly Girl, has been doing really great, playing on radio stations across the states and in Canada. I am most proud of that. The new one will have more compositions with vocals. I'll be singing on it!

Well, I have to get ready for my students to appear. Bye bye for now!


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