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Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 2007

It seems like a long time since Isabelle and I did our old folks home performances, which I think were the last performances that I had. Maybe there were a few church concerts in there in December somewhere.

Isabelle and I went to Arizona for one week for Christmas, and that was lots of fun, although we got no snow in Flagstaff and we got cold weather in Tucson, so we didn't get to play in the snow or go swimming.

Anyway, back into the January swing of things here. Isabelle has been practicing both her cello and piano, but I have been delinquent and so need to get back into the woodshed and hone my chops again for upcoming Druids gigs.

The Druid Sister's Tea Party is a really good women's band that I love, but we had some injuries and some personel problems last year. Now we start up again in a few weeks. There's an awesome drummer, a psychedelic trance singer, a fiddler and a gypsy cellist (me). I love working with these gals.

We will be performing at the Mateel Center in Humboldt on St. Patricks day, March 17th. We did this gig last year and it was pretty funny to me. We were the backup band to Shauna Morrison's band (Van's daughter).There were alot of mountain people with long hair and bad teeth that came out to whoop it up. The Druid sister's did not let them down. We know how to make people dance with our groovy jungle rhythms and our Celtic jigs and reels and our African trance fairy music!