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Sunday, March 25, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Druids 2007

Last weekend was a Druids weekend. I actually drove up to Mendocino by myself, (something unheard of with a five year old daughter around at all times), and had a weekend on the amazing California coast. I got to perform two shows with my Druid Sisters.

Friday night was at the Caspar Inn. It's an old Inn just off the highway with a lovely view of the ocean. There were actually whales playing in the water there! I would love to post a photo of this Inn. I had to laugh when I pulled up after driving the over two hundred and more like three hundred mile drive to this venue, as it's so small and country and I couldn't believe that this was the site, in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere, but it was.

We had a soundcheck that lasted forever, as soundchecks tend to do, and I was wondering if my cello batteries were going to explode again in my Zeta electric cello. They had exploded in the previous rehearsal much to my horror, but I was hoping that was a one time thing. Even though we were not going on until late, (around nine pm, I think?), I didn't get a chance to go out for a nice dinner of real food, as I had hoped to. But we had apples and bananas and Claudia, my wonderful Druid Sister incredible drummer friend, had brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which hit the spot for me.

I had found a faux leopard skin vest at a thrift store on the way up and got changed into that and some black velvet pants. I was ready to go, but exhausted already, before putting the bow on the cello strings!

We played several sets, until one am. At first I was really tired with a headache and the music seemed way too loud for me. But then the bass player, Kate, gave me an aspirin (thank you Kate, you life saver!), and for the second set I was happy and getting into the Druid sounds.

Saturday morning, even though I had no little daughter to wake me up, I couldn't sleep in. (Darn!) I awoke rather early to an amazing ocean view, and went into Mendocino for breakfast and some shopping and walking along the bluffs. In the afternoon, I drove the long and windy road along Route 1 to Garberville, where our St. Patrick's Day Dance was to be.

When I got to the Mateel Center in Redway, it was 5pm, and a sound check was already happening. Apparently my batteries in the Zeta had exploded, so I had to change them. I remember playing the composision called "Electricity" the night before, and I was making all these really cool Jimi Hendrix type electric sounds on the cello. It was really fun at the time, and I thought I was really making the cello go acid. I now know that was was really happening was that my batteries were exploding inside the instrument.

Anyway, after a long sound check at the Mateel Center we all got dressed up in true Druids fashion, the wilder the outfit, the better. Kate had on some kind of a bright blue and green egyptian suit with a blue wig, and our lead singer Cyokha had a kimono type jacket and she had a green hula skirt upside down on her head, so that she looked like a tree. I wore this big red skirt that was really wide, like a tutu I think, and lots of orange scarfs and a light green flowered top.

It was a fun performance. The Mateel Center reminds me of a big barn, and they had a delicious St. Patrick's Day meal that we got to eat on picnic tables with red checked table cloths. Everyone danced to our music. Kathy did alot of Celtic fiddle numbers, which the people seemed to really connect with.

Saturday night we stayed at a place in Redway and then Sunday morning it was time to take off and get back to my home and my little girl! When I got home, I was exhausted, but I was happy.

Next Druids concert will be here, at Jack London Square, on the last Friday night in July. I have to get the music ready for this one, as we are going to be doing some of my original compositions.
This will be a good inspiration for me to practice!