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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Summer's Coming

It's May already! Enchante' String Quartet auditions are going on this weekend. It's exciting! But I really hate auditioning people. It's pretty awful to audition for things, but it's not fun to be the auditioner, either. I always try to be extra sensitive and nice to the poor person who is nervous and a bit shaky, having been there many times. Hopefully, we will find our new violinist this week, so we can get on with rehearsals for this summers shows.

In other big music news, Scott and I are taking little five year old Isabelle to Beaver Creek, to the Colorado Suzuki Institute! She and her cello will attend classes for a week with Scott, while I go to Suzuki teacher training. We are all happy about these last minute plans that I just put together last week. After eight days of camp, we are going to rent a house on the Eagle River, near Vail, so Scott can fish and we can just enjoy being in the mountains. What will I do with Isabelle out there? I don't know! We will be gone from June 8- June 22nd.

I have been very busy piecing together my summer freelance schedule. I am trying to play weddings and things on Saturdays, and teach on Sundays. So far it looks pretty good. I have some work with the string quartet, and some duos with violin (Mary Tanios, usually), and then I have some solo cello work. Also, we have a Druid Sister's recital coming up at the end of July in Jack London Square, and an Enchante' recital coming up at the end of August in the same place. (Check schedule page for details).

Last night I went to a party at Natasha Miller's in Alameda. My love, eighty three year old Bobby Sharp was singing and playing piano and I got to sit next to him on the piano bench and sing some of his songs with him. It was thrilling! I love it! Other people were playing music and it was fun. I would like to have a music party soon...well I have to go teach this morning, and then on to the violin auditions for the string quartet. Bye for now!