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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Il Fuoco at the Sonoma Mission Chapel

Steve Albini is a terror! He sings Italian songs with an amazingly romantic tenor voice. He is always right on. He spins the mood the minute he starts to sing. Not to mention that he is a virtuoso accordionist who plays lightning fast runs with his right hand and who never misses...

It was a great show last Friday night. The band was Steve LaPorta on percussion, John on horns, me on cello and Steve Albini, the Italian terror! What fun!

It really was a hoot backing Steve up. He's very humble, and mild mannered, and then, when he opens his mouth to sing, one is just suddenly transported into a cafe in Italy somewhere, where the lights are low, and the mood is...just something amazing and foreign and ever so smooth...and romantic. Yes, this band, "Il Fuoco", the fire, is about the most romantic band I have ever been in...

Hopefully we will be playing together more soon.

Next performance i at the Freight and Salvage on April 3rd, my birthday, with the Rmana Vieira Ensemble.

Don't ask how old I am going to be...