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Friday, November 21, 2008


I have joined the grammys! That means that I will be able to vote on which CD's will get a grammy. This is exciting. I had no idea you could just join the grammys- but, there it is. Also, I think I am able to submit CD's for consideration to win a grammy.

Last night I went the the members party with Ramana Vieira in San Francisco at the Hotel Kabuki. I got lost for what seemed like forever...and then had to look for parking for hours.

Finally we got in. Saw some friends, met some new people in the music business.

My favorite part of the evening? Meeting a Barry White impersonator, who sang for us right there in front of the giant stairway. ( "My darlin' I---I can't get enough of your love baby!") These are the moments that I live for!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 2008

I have been meaning to update forever! This morning I have a no show student so I have a few minutes.

The summer went by so quickly! We had a family reunion in Jenner for a week in a big house on the ocean. That was awesome. We also went to the Colorado Suzuki Institute for a week where Isabelle worked with her favorite teacher, David Evanchick on Suzuki Book 2 pieces. She loves him because he is so silly! (She is now almost seven years old...)

My new CD is almost done. I recorded it gradually and it was a fun proccess. I really had time to listen and make decisions instead of doing it all in one or two weeks. And now, the artwork is almost complete. "Butterfly Girl" is finally being born! The instrumentation is cello, guitar, percussion, vocals, and some piano and bass. The best thing for me was that I got to play mandolin on the title track! (I have never played mandolin before...) There's lots of cello improvisation on this CD. It's a fun journey. So, follow the classical gypsy cellist into the world of the Butterfly Girl...

Well, my Portugese Fado band, Ramana Vieira and her Ensemble is doing quite well. We went to the Western Arts Alliance conference in September. That was interesting. And now we have a record label that is going to promote our new CD. It's called Pacific Coast Jazz, and we are their first world music ensemble. We are also very close to getting a booking agent to represent us and to send us touring to promote our new CD. We also have a big gig at the Gallo Theatre in Modesto coming up in February.

Isabelle and I will be performing next month at several old folks homes in Alameda, and we are also doing benefit concerts for Aids research in March and April. I will get it together and update my webpage so that the new CD can be purchased, and so that my upcoming concerts are listed. It would be great to send you the CD, and to see you at my shows! I haven't seen you in a long time!